Course software

During the course we will make use of the NetLogo software. NetLogo is installed in the computerlab but it is recommended to also install it on your home computer. Below you’ll find links to the models we will use during the course.

Assignment 1:

For this assignment we will use a model of the Silverberg and Verspagen paper built by Christopher Watts and Nigel Gilbert, the model (PercModel1.nlogo) can be downloaded from their website which also contains a lot of other interesting material.

Assignment 2:

For this assignment we will use three models, all implemented in NetLogo: competingtechnologies.nlogo is a model after the paper by Arthur (1982), innovationanddemand.nlogo is an implementation of the 2001 paper by Adner and Levinthal in Management Science, and technologyimprovement.nlogo is modeled after the paper by McNerney et al. in PNAS (2011). See the literature section for full references to the papers.