February 2015

A new job! As of this month I am appointed as full professor Economics and Governance of Technological Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology. Very exciting!

October 2014

Scientometrics has published our paper on Patents as instruments for exploring innovation dynamics: geographic and technological perspectives on “photovoltaic cells” by Loet Leydesdorff, Floortje Alkemade, Gaston Heimeriks and Rinke Hoekstra. [download]. Also check out with lots of useful tools and scripts for analysis of patents, papers and networks.

August 2014

From 27-29 August we are hosting the 5th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions IST2014. As programme chair I hope you will find the programme inspiring!

July 2014

Please check out the 2 vacancies for PhD students within my VIDI project on Cleantech innovation!

May 2014

Happy news! NWO has awarded me a VIDI grant, for my project proposal on cleantech. Within the next few months I’ll hire two PhD students, so let me know if you’re interested!

April 2014

As of this month, I have joined the editorial board of Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

March 2014

March 20, I will visit the ESDES business school in Lyon for an invited presentation on The role of incumbents and new entrants in eco-innovation trajectories.

March 12, I participated in the founding meeting of the Network on transitions modeling. This network unites European researchers that seek to contribute to the study of (sustainability) transitions through modeling and simulation. We have quite an ambitious agenda, you’ll hear from us!

February 2014

NWO has granted our project proposal “Realizing the Smart grid: Aligning consumer behaviour with Technological opportunities”. It is a joint project with Linda Steg and Ellen van der Werff at Groningen University and it’s going to be very interesting!


Two new papers on clean vehicles published. The paper with Jan Willem Eising and Tom van Onna, includes a GIS based simulation of the diffusion of EV in the Netherlands. We show that in certain areas the diffusion of EV might cause problems for the electricity grid as early as 2015 (see figure from paper on the right). This paper is Open Acces.

The paper with Bjorn Budde compares the actual innovation activities of automotive firms with their public announcements about innovation.



Two papers with Loet Leydesdorff and Gaston Heimeriks. We have presented our work on the “The path and place dependent evolution of PV technology” on the Geography of Innovation conference in Utrecht. A related paper “Geographic and Technological Perspectives on Photovoltaic Cells: Patents as Instruments for Exploring Innovation Dynamics is available as a working paper.

Old newsitems

Together with Digital Dreams Games we have developed a serious game for students. In the serious game Solar Tycoon students have to apply their knowledge on processes of innovation to make their start-up company a success.  For more information please see the press release (in Dutch).

Smart Grids Project We have started working on a new regional research project on Smart Grids. The project is very exciting as it includes two pilots with smart grid technologies for consumers in local communities in the Utrecht area. Our research mainly focuses on the business models for the new services that are made possible by smart grid technologies.